De mujer a mujer (1987)


A wife (along with her husband) cockblocks a drifter from scoring with her friend. She breaks up their dance and dances with him instead, receiving from him the kisses and gropes that are supposed to be for her friend and getting aroused by it. She gives in to the guy a few days later and fucks him.

Decisiones: Cuando los años pesan (Bored Housewife Hires Hunky Assistant?)


Marlene is a bored housewife who hasn’t been intimate with her husband Alvaro in years. She asks her husband to hire her at one of his stores, just to give her something to do. But it isn’t enough for her, so she hires Rolando to help her do the heavy lifting around the shop. Could he show her the intimacy she’s been missing for all these years? A Decisiones TV Series episode.

Infieles (TV Series)


Erotic comedy about infidelity and the different situations that lead the human being to commit it (the plot uses as reasons, among others, serious sexual disagreement of one of the spouses, simple use of a favorable moment without thinking about the consequences, habits or deteriorating or unpleasant attitudes for one of the spouses who do not strive to overcome and who take them to seek comfort in someone other than him or her, etc), but […]