This Transient Life (1970)

May 11, 2020

Set around a remote Buddhist monastery, it features Masao, a young son of a rich merchant who doesn’t want to follow his father into business or go to college, preferring to study under a famous Master how to make Kannon statues of the Goddess of Mercy. At the same time, his sister Yuri is struggling to find a potential husband, only for it to explode when their horseplay in masks one day leads to an […]

Così, così… più forte (1970)


Two young women, Lisa and Susan, fall in love at the tennis club in Rome. The two lovers eclipse in the intimacy of nightclubs and mellow living rooms with carpets and goldfish in their glasses. But their harmony is disturbed by the arrival of a man: Susan cheats on Lisa with Fred. Between jealousies, unanswered calls and bottles of Johnnie Walker, the triangle explodes in a petty slapping in a luxury apartment, in front of […]