Fatal Romance (2010)

November 13, 2023

Alice is a family woman who begins an adulterous affair with a writer. They see hidden but one day he does not appear at the rendezvous. What Alice does not know is that behind the disappearance is her husband, who knows the ripples of his wife.

Amoureuse (1992)


Marie lives with Antoine, but while he is away she meets Paul, a filmmaker visiting from Canada. When Antoine returns, he becomes vividly jealous of his girlfriend’s chaste encounter, which provokes her into having an affair with Paul.

Adultery: A User’s Guide (1995)


A married pair of Parisian architects, Fabienne and Bruno, await the results of an important architectural contest they have entered. Unable to handle the stress of waiting, both turn to sexual liaisons to ease their tension. Bruno ends up enacting a dark sexual fantasy with strangers while Fabienne eventually succumbs to the advances of Bruno’s friend Simon,