Aimless (2013)

January 24, 2023

Leaving their village to earn a living in the big city, married couple Tham and Quy’s relationship soon suffers in the face of impoverished conditions. Depressed Tham falls for the charms of Thuat, an urbane and sophisticated man.

Khong can suc (2010) aka Unbalanced

May 23, 2020

Ba Quang is a Deputy Construction Manager. Because he stood up to denounce and fight against corrupt people in the district, he was scrutinized by his superiors. Dissatisfied with the way of work of his superiors, he quit his job and rode a motorbike to earn a living. While he drove around, he was observing the smuggling that was going on in the town border and pursuing his original anti-corruption plan. Ba Quang’s wife, Mai […]