Charulata: The Lonely Wife (1964)
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Charulata (1964)
Charulata (1964)


Charu lives a lonely and idle life in 1870s India. Although her husband Bhupati devotes more time to his newspaper than to their marriage, he is aware of her loneliness and asks his cousin, Amal, to keep her company. Amal is aspiring to be a writer and he just graduated from college. Bhupati tells Amal to guide Charu in developing her writing skills. However, after several months, Charu and Amal’s feelings for each other move beyond literary friendship.

Details for the movie Charulata (1964)

Director: Satyajit Ray

Starring: Soumitra Chatterjee, Madhabi Mukherjee, Shailen Mukherjee

Genre: RomanceDrama

Country: India

Cheating Scenes in Charulata (1964)

Well, no sex or make-out happens between the wife and her husband’s cousin so this is emotional cheating at best. I guess Amal just respects his cousin enough not to act on it, even though he can clearly see that Charu is falling for him. Charu keeps giving him an opening, like hugging him while crying, or holding on to his arm intimately, but he never takes advantage of them.

Amal just graduated from college and comes to his cousin Bhupati’s house to bum there for a while. Bhupati gives him a task, and that is to teach and guide his wife Charu to develop her writing skills.

So in the next few days, Amal and Charu spend some time together talking about literature and knowing more about each other. One day, while they are in the courtyard, Charu checks out Amal with her binoculars while he is writing in front of her. This is the first time we see her developing an attraction towards him.

Amal gets a marriage offer from some family. Charu does not seem pleased. When Amal turns down the offer, Charu laughs. Her husband asks her why she is laughing. She tells him that it’s because she knows Amal too well. But of course, she may be laughing because she likes the idea that Amal turned down the offer.

One day, Amal is playing the piano then Charu enters the room. Amal starts serenading Charu, which makes her blush and smile.

Amal gets his poetry published in a local magazine. Charu gets mad because she told him not to publish anything that he writes in the notebook that she gave him. It’s like they’re having a lover’s quarrel.

Charu gets her own written piece published as well. Then she makes Amal some bread and shoves it into his mouth (they look so sweet) and at the same time shows him her published article to one-up him. He tells her that she writes well. She cries and hugs him and tells him that she will never write again. The important thing to note here is that she made the first intimate physical contact between them. Amal does not hug her back, though.

Bhupati has a problem with his newspaper. Chara begs Anal not to go no matter what while holding on tightly to his arm. Amal still leaves them anyway, and this makes Chara mad.

Later, Amal writes Bhupati a letter telling him where he is. Bhupati gives the letter to Charu and leaves the room. When he comes back, he sees Charu crying while clasping the letter. She’s talking out loud about her feelings for Amal. Bhupati hears this and leaves the house. He cries while riding his chariot and thinks things over. He comes back home later to Charu.


Charulata (1964) - screenshots
Charulata (1964) – screenshots

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