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Jonny Vang (2003)


Three friends since childhood are trying to work out their complicated relationships. Jonny tries to be best friends with Magnus, Magnus tries to be married to Tuva, and Tuva tries to have sex with Jonny.

Flirtatious (2023)


Ging makes love to Gabo, her suitor whom she practically friendzoned, after he sees her having sex with her mother’s new live-in boyfriend to silence him. When she and Gabo become a cohabiting couple, her mom’s boyfriend enters their bedroom and tries to make love to her while Gabo is sleeping beside them.

The Oh In Ohio (2006)


Priscilla has never reached an orgasm, which hurts her frustrated husband. This leads to Jack having an affair with his female student, and Priscilla going out and banging men she meets in bars, having oral sex with a sex toy shop female employee and starting an affair with Wayne the Pool Guy, the constructor of swimming pools in her neighborhood since she was a child.