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Up the River (2015)


A prick seduces his best friend’s fiancee, telling her nice things she wants to hear, even telling her that they should run away together just to get into her pants. He suceeds, but when she doesn’t wanna fuck him again because she feels burdened, he changes strategy and says that he doesn’t want a relationship and just wants to fuck her. It works and he is able to fuck her again. Good job, prick.

Risque Hospital (2019)


Haneda and Jeong-won are a married couple. He looks faithful, but one day Haneda witnesses Jung-won having an affair in the hospital. She attempts to kill him, but he becomes paralyzed. A few days later, Haneda tries to unsuccessfully kill herself, but her heart might stop any day so she takes advantage of her stationary husband.

Paris, France

Paris, France (1993)


Lucy (Leslie Hope), her husband Michael (Victor Ertmanis), and their business partner William (Dan Left) are the owners of a small publishing company in Toronto. The stability of their lives are thrown into an emotional maelstrom with the arrival of Sloan (Peter Outerbrige), a former boxer-turned-writer whose first book (based on a serial killer) is about to be published by their company. Sloan gets in over his head when he embarks on a steamy affair […]