Green Chair 2013 – Love Conceptually (2013)


Moon-hee is an attractive woman who runs an art academy after returning from the States. She lives apart from her husband who won’t divorce her and enjoys a free relationship with In-gyu, her lover of long time and Professor Yoon whom she’s been privately involved with for a long time. On the other hand, her young student Joo Won only draws her face during class. He fell in love with her when he saw Moon-hee […]


Reprimidos (2004)


Mario and his girlfriend Soledad have rented a house for two weeks for a quiet holiday on a virtually deserted beach. To their horror, Félix, Soledad’s ex-boyfriend arrives the same day with his newest flame Judith. Felix and Soledad have had a strong relationship in the past. That immediately arouses suspicion and jealousy with Mario. He finds Félix and his girlfriend just an ordinary couple. On the other hand, Félix thinks Mario is a stiff […]

Victim of Desire (1995)


An SEC agent investigating $70M in missing funds and a murdered businessman gets involved with the man’s wife. Investigator Pete Starky is hot on the trail of $70 million in embezzled cash. The trail leads to Leeland Duvall, a wealthy white collar killer. But when Duvall dies in a mysterious car accident, the victim’s sexy wife, Carla, becomes the prime suspect. Just as Starky becomes romantically involved with Carla, evidence points to him as her […]


Girlfriend (2018)


Ju-yeop’s neighbor, Mi-sun, is his ideal type. He spies on her having sex with her boyfriend using a miniature camera. Eventually, they meet and get to know each other. And when Mi-sun has a quarrel with her boyfriend, Ju-yeop offers his shoulder for her to cry on… and it leads to an affair between them. Lee Soo also stars as Ju-yeop’s girlfriend.