Malombra (1984)


A rich old man’s sister-in-law became his woman when his wife died, dressing her up like his dead wife and making her do self-gratification for his viewing pleasure. His nephew, along with a companion, arrives to stay for a while at his mansion. The sister-in-law falls in love with the nephew’s companion and has sex with him.

A Female Employee’s Taste (2018)


A Female Employee’s Taste Chief Park imagines going wild with Ga-hee while she thinks he’s weird. One day, Chief Park leaves the office early and Ga-hee has sex with Woo-jin, a colleague she’s secretly seeing. A while later, Chief Park comes back and finds Ga-hee in a half-undressed state. They end up having sex while Ga-hee’s boyfriend witnesses it from a hiding spot. The Taste of Theater 1 A couple is at the movies. Young-ho […]

Candidate For Seduction (1982)

January 13, 2022

Yoshiko Ariake plays career lady Hineko who works for an interior design company. She’s a confident woman, dedicated to business politics, but has never been willing to give herself to romance. In fact, it’s easy for this fashionably bitter woman to be unfaithful in a relationship. Sparks fly when she meets a handsome rival (Yoshimitsu Onimaru).