Bukas Bibitayin si Itay (1995)

February 19, 2020

A wife who is discontented with the meager money that her husband makes starts an affair with a rich, cocky guy who is the brother of the town mayor. She fucks him inside his resthouse while her daughter swims in the pool outside.

Younger Sister-in-law (2018)


Ga-eun, whose boyfriend broke up with her, comes to her cousin Ga-young’s house to stay there for a while. Ga-eun is like a little sister to Ga-young when they were growing up and they haven’t seen each other for a long time. Ga-eun meets Woo-sung, Ga-young’s stay-at-home, unemployed husband and she becomes closer to him and appreciates his affection and words the longer she stays at the couple’s home. Unknown to Ga-eun and Woo-sung, Ga-young […]

Young Sister-in-law 2 – 2018 (2018)


A CEO is fucking his wife’s half-sister who works for him. His young subordinate, who is also having an affair with his wife, sees them doing it and blackmails the half-sister to have sex with him. In the end, they settle their differences and swap partners in the middle of a foursome while staying at a guest house.