Deadly Illusion

Deadly Illusion (1987)


A private eye hired to kill a man’s wife warns her instead and then finds both are impostors. A stranger pays Billy Dee Williams to kill his wife. But instead, Billy, who is a private detective, tells the wife what her husband tried to do. When she turns up dead anyway, Billy is suspected. Hopefully, with the assistance of his secretary/girlfriend, he can solve the case before the police catch up to him.

Bodily Harm (1995)


When a striptease dancer is brutally murdered in Las Vegas, detective Rita Cates and her partner J.D. Prejon are put on the case. There’s not much to go on, but the evidence they’ve got points to Sam McKeon, an ex-cop. This puts Rita in a difficult position because she and Sam used to have a scalding affair which ultimately led to her husband’s suicide. They haven’t spoken since, but she could never get Sam out […]

Married Made (2016)

March 8, 2021

Michiru is a housewife whose husband is Akio, a public servant. She is a maid who works at the home of Kunio Harashima, the president of a conglomerate who has retired from his current job. Although Michiru and Akio are still having sex, it’s not what it used to be and they don’t even take off their clothes anymore when they do it. Akio and Michiru are confused because they cannot understand their feelings whether […]