Zindagi Jhand Hai (Short) (2020)


A story of a married couple, and their sex life. The husband had an unhealthy obsession with watching his wife sleep with other men and then get aroused. With all the abuse the wife still hangs on to her destroyed life until her husband leaves her beaten and humiliated she finds solace in the gardener and the two fall in love and incite the murder of her husband.

Zane’s Sex Chronicles (TV Series) (2008)


This series is basically Sex and the City, but with actual sex. A black chick keeps cheating on her rapper boyfriend, even after he already caught her in the act. A white chick cheats on her celibate boyfriend with a FUBU neighbor and a bank officer. A married doctor is seduced by a persistent colleague so she finally meets him in a hotel room, etc…

Depraved (1996)


Ophelia is a top-tier slut who passes off her open relationship status with her fiance Dan as both their ideas, when in fact, it’s basically all her fantasy. Proof: Only men are allowed in their “open relationship” because when Dan even introduced the idea of a threesome with another female, she got mad at him.