KR-9229 Young Wife – Dangerous Secret Room – Akiho Yoshizawa


Young wife Akiho Yoshizawa gets sedated and abducted by a guy who has been lusting for her. He brings her home, puts her in a secret room where he videotapes her while he uses a vibrator on her. He blackmails her with it so that she will have sex with him untied. Then, he brings her to a park and expose her tits to a guy. He invites the guy over to his home and […]

Rentarutuma 4 (2017)


Our third year of marriage. My wife is lazy and doesn’t work at home. I think I need to change it, so I send her to my cousin’s convenience store to work. Things develop between her and my cousin and they start an affair. One day, I catch them having sex when I visit the store. My wife enjoys doing it with my cousin. I can’t help but hide in the corner and watch…