Touch and Go (1998)


An enthusiastic husband gets his reluctant wife into swinging but he gets insecure and wants them to stop while she likes it and wants to go on so that she can continue fucking other men. One night, they had dinner with their non-swinging couple friend and lures them into their lifestyle via a board game.

Beyond Love and Evil (1969)


Loosely adapted from de Sade’s play “Philosophy in the Bedroom”. Set in the present day, a cult of depraved hedonists cavorts at a remote, elegant mansion. Zenoff is invited by Xenia, his true love, to a party hosted by Xenia’s fiance, Yald: a debauched libertine seeking to orchestrate an atmosphere of unbridled sensual pleasure with no concessions to conventional morality. He enters the couple’s heavily guarded country mansion and finds a vast orgy occurring within. […]