Secret Needs (2001)


While her husband Harry is busy having a secret affair with the dominatrix Jessica, the feeling neglected Lisa concocts a wife-swapping plan with their neighbor couple, Bill and Kiki. They spring it on Harry one night, who goes along with them but is reluctant.

Depraved (1996)


Ophelia is a top-tier slut who passes off her open relationship status with her fiance Dan as both their ideas, when in fact, it’s basically all her fantasy. Proof: Only men are allowed in their “open relationship” because when Dan even introduced the idea of a threesome with another female, she got mad at him.

Rope Cosmetology (1978)

December 18, 2022

Kanako meets a BDSM artist, who teaches women an extreme form of erotic submission – how to act like a dog. It’s rough and he even brings a real dog for her, but she goes with it. This improves her and her geeky husband’s marriage.