Depraved (1996)


Ophelia is a top-tier slut who passes off her open relationship status with her fiance Dan as both their ideas, when in fact, it’s basically all her fantasy. Proof: Only men are allowed in their “open relationship” because when Dan even introduced the idea of a threesome with another female, she got mad at him.

An Erotic Tale (Short) (2002)

November 28, 2022

A writer meets a lady in a bar, offering her to continue his new unfinished erotic tale in real life. The girl takes the writer to her flat, where her ex-husband still lives. A banal start then develops into a funny story of a failed love affair and restored marriage.

The Wait (2021) aka Odotus


A preacher’s wife tries to bang her husband’s friend a few times but they get interrupted every time. So she takes him by boat to a remote island and bangs him there with no interruption. Later, she bangs him while her husband is just in the other room, even notifying her husband earlier that that is what she intended to do.