Asfalto (2000)
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 90 min | Year: 2000 |  Spain

Three young and desperate inhabitants of Madrid attempt to rise above their circumstances by any means available to them in that sun-drenched city. This tight-knit trio must scramble when their hasty plans become derailed by a demanding matriarch, an abusive older brother, and the entire corrupt underclass with which they deal.

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Cheating Notes

Chino introduces his girlfriend Lucia to his partner-in-crime Charly.

Chino and Lucia fuck (6:33). The affected Charly comes inside their bedroom and interrupts them, telling them they have to do a heist already.

After a heist where they rob a man, the three split up. But Charly comes to Lucia's place soon after, with the obvious goal of fucking his pal's girlfriend but pretending it's something else. She comes with him to his place after they eat in a restaurant. He starts to kiss her. She resists initially but gives in (25:28) . They are kissing/petting on the floor when Chino knocks on Charly's door. When he enters, he is surprised to see Lucia. And with her panties exposed because she hadn't fix her dress yet, he assumes that something happened between the two. Lucia kisses Charly in front of Chino, then she kisses Chino next, and tells him that she will not choose but it's up to them what will happen next. They end up having a threesome.

After the threesome, Lucia follows Charly outside to look at the stars. They kiss on the grass and in the morning, Chino finds them cuddling on top of a tire.

Lucia comes to Charly's place and fucks him (1:02:23).

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