Helen, Yes… Helen of Troy (1973)


Ottone and Savio find themselves on the shores of Ancient Greece in search of bread and adventures. They are rescued by Paris and Elena and taken to the palace of Menelaus. The welcome is propitious to take advantage of the lavish lunches and beautiful women, including Elena, wife of the sovereign who will be kidnapped by Paris and taken to Troy.

Tubero (2022) aka Handyman


A frigid young woman worries that her man would leave her for not satisfying him sexually so she hires a plumber who offers “extra service” to help her become better in bed. She ends up falling for the guy, hiring him as a stay-in handyman for the construction of a home and fucking him beside her passed-out fiance.

La diosa impura (1963)


After a series of doublecrosses involving stolen diamonds, a gangster’s babe in Argentina flees to Mexico; she’s kept by a druggy, decadent painter whom she begins an affair with, but then she meets and falls in love with his brother. More complications arise when her mobster boyfriend arrives from Buenos Aires.