Lust, Caution (2007)

October 2, 2022

A Japanese collaborator starts an affair with a businessman’s young wife, but that is just from his perspective, as people may not be who they are in an attempt to assassinate him.

Casa Verde (1998)


Ronell and his wife Helena go back to their hometown and reunite with Ronell’s best friend, Greg. But Greg and Helena also have a past: they were lovers when Ronell and Helena were engaged to be married. Pretty soon, Greg and Helena rekindle their affair.

Lulu (1980)


Lulu cheats with a young painter which causes her husband to die from a heart attack. She marries the painter, who commits suicide when he finds out that she has been having an affair with a doctor. The doctor then catches Lulu and his son in the act. Lulu goes to London to live with the doctor’s son and eventually, she becomes a prostitute and dies a victim of Jack the Ripper.