Romance (1999)
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 99 min | Year: 1999 |  France

Love is desolate. Romance is temporary. Sex is forever.

A young woman frustrated by her boyfriend's lack of interest in sexual activity becomes involved with three men.

Although deeply in love with her boyfriend - and indeed sleeping in the same bed with him - a schoolteacher cannot handle the almost complete lack of intimacy he will allow. Increasingly frustrated, she gradually finds her sexual appetites leading her into ever more risky situations, including a developing one with the headmaster.

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Cheating Notes

Marie leaves the side of her sleeping boyfriend and goes to a cafe and gives a random guy an interested look. His name is Paolo. They talk and he kisses her and she reciprocates (19:00). They make out more in the car, with him caressing her boobs over her shirt, but she's not ready to fuck him yet.

Marie meets Paolo again and fucks him on the bed (29:21).

Marie, a school teacher, is talked to by the school's headmaster about flaws in her teaching. He takes her home and starts coming on to her. He fingers her pussy while she is standing up against a wall (49:20). He ties her up to fuck her BDSM-style, but she cries before he really gets to do anything with her so he unties her.

A random guy that Marie encounters on the stairs leading to her apartment offers her $20 to eat her pussy (1:05:45). She agrees, and he proceeds to eat her pussy on the stairs. He then becomes aggressive and forcibly fucks her from behind.

Marie is now ready to be fucked BDSM-style by the headmaster (1:12:26). He ties her up, cuts her panties with a pair of scissors, and scoops some of her pussy juice from her vagina using his finger, but the scene cuts off after that.

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