Isa lang ang dapat mahalin (1997)

December 2, 2022

Vina is a successful lawyer with a happy married life. Her life changes when her car hits Rex, a former criminal waiting to start a new life. The accident causes him to have amnesia so Vina provides a place for him to stay until he regains his memory. She visits him often and falls in love with him in the process and begins an affair with him.

Trade Off (1995)


A man has an affair with a mysterious woman and shares with her his desire to end his troubled marriage. When his wife drives her car off a bridge and her body is not found, his lover claims credit for the killing and persuades him to kill her husband in return.

Madame Bamboo (1991)

November 30, 2022

Two prostitutes recall the circumstances that brought them to the brothel. The first woman cheated on her husband with a blacksmith. The second woman was engaged to her true love but her parents betrothed her to a seven-year-old boy for money. Her lover comes to pay her a visit on her wedding night.