The Seductress (1987)


Liza’s husband becomes impotent, leaves town, and begs that she divorce her. She doesn’t want to because she still loves him, but in his absence, her friend’s boyfriend forces himself on her, she has drunken sex with the rich kid neighbor who was initially stalking her, and has a one night stand with a guy she picked up in a bar.

Geister die ich rief (2012)

September 15, 2021

Johanna believes to find happiness and security with her husband and daughter, but facing her unfulfilled desire disturbs her serenity. Due to the death of her father, she returns after 6 years of absence to her native village in the Swedish forest. It’s when she meets her early love Elis again that she suddenly irrevocably gets thrown off her balance. Until then, she nearly had managed to forget about him, but now she gets reminded […]