Invasion (2012)

September 16, 2020

A husband looks for his wife in a guy’s room, suspecting that she’s having an affair with him. She is, but she’s not in his room that night. Instead, the two of them find her fucking yet another guy in the attic.

Airport 2012 (2014) (Short)


‘Airport 2012’ chronicles an alienating partner-swapping encounter in a New Jersey motel on Election Day, 2012. Four very different characters interact in darkly comic and unsettling ways – no one ever really connects with anyone else in an activity that had been orchestrated, ironically, expressly for the purpose of connection, or at the very least sexual connection. The day and then the night pass; two couples have ‘fun’; a president is re-elected, and by morning […]

Bianco e nero (2008) aka Black and White


An italian engineer and a beautiful black woman both married had an affair turning his life’s into a hard forbidden romance. Racial integration is Elena’s profession and passion, not only filling her working day as a cultural mediator assisting immigrants, but spilling over into her home life as well. All too often her husband Carlo must attend charity events where he feels distinctly out of place. During one of these evenings, Carlo meets Nadine, a […]

Variation (1976) aka Hensôkyoku

September 12, 2020

The man who lives in the past and the woman who abandoned a past. They were lovers 10 years ago and had met again in Paris. A lot of things have happened in the past 10 years, including the woman getting married.

Private Sex Club (2004)


Detective Jack Norton faces the biggest case of his career. Sara (Dee), the wife of a prominent business man, lies comatose on the floor next to her dead lover. Following the clues, Jack picks up the trail that leads him to an exclusive club. Now, Jack will put his life at risk and will have to use all his skills to escape alive.