The Carnal Sutra Mat (1987)


A nobleman who sets out on a journey of sexual conquest when he finds that his new young wife is not enough to satisfy his insatiable sexual desires. Things progress nicely until he steals the young wife of a vengeful and proud husband, who decides to exact revenge. The spurned man embarks on his own journey, to the home of the wife of the nobleman.

Madame Bamboo (1991)

November 30, 2022

Two prostitutes recall the circumstances that brought them to the brothel. The first woman cheated on her husband with a blacksmith. The second woman was engaged to her true love but her parents betrothed her to a seven-year-old boy for money. Her lover comes to pay her a visit on her wedding night.

Picking Up Girls (1994)


A sexually neglected wife won’t cheat on her husband because she thinks of herself as a noble lady. However, if a thief tries to rape her, then she says she might give in, knowing that she is being ‘forced’ to do it. Meanwhile her son, a photographer, bangs a model whose boyfriend is a gang boss.