Bukas Bibitayin si Itay (1995)

February 19, 2020

A wife who is discontented with the meager money that her husband makes starts an affair with a rich, cocky guy who is the brother of the town mayor. She fucks him inside his resthouse while her daughter swims in the pool outside.

Nessun Dorma (2016)


After her fiance drops her off at her place, a soon-to-be bride drives to the place of a guy that she loves and makes out with him. She is ready to make love to him, but he doesn’t want to, saying she might regret it. They still manage to have sex some time in the future.

Younger Sister-in-law (2018)


Ga-eun, whose boyfriend broke up with her, comes to her cousin Ga-young’s house to stay there for a while. Ga-eun is like a little sister to Ga-young when they were growing up and they haven’t seen each other for a long time. Ga-eun meets Woo-sung, Ga-young’s stay-at-home, unemployed husband and she becomes closer to him and appreciates his affection and words the longer she stays at the couple’s home. Unknown to Ga-eun and Woo-sung, Ga-young […]

Young Sister-in-law 2 – 2018 (2018)


A CEO is fucking his wife’s half-sister who works for him. His young subordinate, who is also having an affair with his wife, sees them doing it and blackmails the half-sister to have sex with him. In the end, they settle their differences and swap partners in the middle of a foursome while staying at a guest house.

Trap of the Special Affairs Division Female Prisoner (2018)


Kojima Ayano falls into a frame-up orchestrated by someone and turns from an ace detective to a criminal in an instant. She is charged with possession of drugs. She is imprisoned and tries to determine who framed her up but it’s not easy doing her investigation from the inside. With the help of her husband, Takanori, she investigates her first suspect, Yamazaki, her boss, because she recalls an incident where she stumbles into some of […]

Stepmom is Ex-girlfriend (2017) aka My New Mother is a Former Uncle


One day after coming home from school, Najima hears his father Teruo talking to a woman. Don’t go to the living room saying you’ve got a new girl again. Teruo introduces his new woman to his son. As they greet each other in front of his father’s eyes, they are surprised to see each other. My father’s new woman is an ex-girlfriend that I dated two years ago in college. Later, she tells Najima that […]

Young Sister-In-Law 3 (2017)


Yong-chul and his girlfriend work in the same office but since their company prohibits relationships among employees, they keep it a secret. One day, Hyung-gu, a senior of Yong-chul, contacts him and asks a favor from him to hire his young wife, Su-young. He grants his request and a few days later, Su-young goes to work at Yong-chul’s company. Things develop between Yong-chul and Su-young which leads to them making love in the office. To […]

Young Sister-In-Law 2

Young Sister-In-Law 2 (2017)


Won-jin is sent into a nearby region suddenly by the company. He is unprepared when he goes down so he calls his friend Chang-hoon who lives there. Chang-hoon lets Won-jin stay at his house for the time being but Won-jin gets to thinking. The reason is, Chang-hoon’s young wife Soo-yeong has a history with Won-jin. However, Won-jin decides to go to Chang-hoon’s house to see Soo-yeong. Chang-hoon just happens to leave the house for a […]