Sweet Sex (2017)


A young lass becomes the apprentice of a famous dessert patissier. She makes out with him while showing him her new dessert creation. She leaves her abusive boyfriend before fucking the patissier on a couch, with her body garnished with some icing and fruits to make their sex sweeter.

No More Easy Life (1979)

September 11, 2022

A college student finds herself torn between a former boyfriend who’s the tough, insensitive-but-sexy, type, and a new boyfriend who’s more sensitive to her feelings, but who still acts childishly selfish at times.

Nafsu X (1996)

September 10, 2022

Tony lives with Enny and together they set up a garage. Tony considers Enny as a sister, though Enny really fancies him. In a racing competition, Tony beats Ronggur for the prize of Lidya, Ronggur’s girlfriend. Tony is respectful to Lidya as he loves her. But Lidya can’t separate herself from Ronggur. He marries her and makes her a new director at the company. Meanwhile, Tony builds up a big business after the invention of […]