Lost in Beijing


A look at modern-day life in China’s capital centered on a ménage-a-quatre involving a young woman, her boss, her husband and her boss’s wife. Massage girl Pingguo (Apple) (The stunning Fan Bingbing) lives in a cramped apartment with her bad-tempered window cleaner husband Kun (Tong Dawei), barely eking by on their minuscule pay. When Pingguo gets raped by her boss Lin (Tony Leung) one afternoon, Kun, who is washing the windows of the building, witnesses […]



After repeatedly flaunting her peerless body to her servants, snobbish aristocrat Cecilia (Muriel Montrossé) becomes the victim of rape. She goes home and has sex with her husband. She confesses to him that she had enjoyed the rape and it had aroused her to have sex with him after a long period of marital detachment. The experience triggers a carnal awakening, full of socialite sex parties and woodland orgies. And before long, Cecilia finds her […]

JUX-770 Violated While My Husband Was Away from Home. Yuna Takase


Yuna and her husband just moved in and they need a repairman. The repairman comes in and does the job but he installs some spy cams around the house as well. The next day, when the husband leaves for work, he rapes Yuna. But the rape turns consensual because Yuna likes it, so he comes back a few times to screw her again and again until he makes her crawl on the floor to beg […]

Demon’s Room (aka Akuma no heya)


Young woman Yoshiko (Reiko Nakamura) gets a call from a man, Fuji claiming to be from her husband’s company. He tells her that he will come to pick her up on behalf of her husband, Hiroyuki who is the scion of a hotel magnate. The kidnapper is Hiroyuki’s father’s secret love-child. He takes her to a hotel, and proceeds to rape her. He calls her husband but doesn’t request a ransom. He’s just bent on […]