Len Sex Sao Yai 2 (2013)


In the end of Part 1, Chaba left her husband and her lover Dang to go back to Suphan, her hometown. Here, she takes on a new husband who is also abusive to her like her first. Dang follows her and they rekindle their affair. One time, when they are making love in the jungle, a local sees them and reports them to Chaba’s husband, who, upon hearing it, assaults and nearly kills Chaba has […]

Len Sex Sao Yai (2013)


Chaba, an attractive woman with some Spanish blood in her, is the object of desire of men in the market. But she is suffering because her husband often hits her in public. One day, Dang, a gangster with a good heart, notices Chaba being hit by her husband. He rescues her and roughs up her husband. Chaba, however, takes the side of her husband against Dang. Her husband, meanwhile, doesn’t change how he treats her […]

Dingding lang ang Pagitan (1986) (aka Just a Wall in Between)


Orlando lets his mistress Jennifer rent a room at their house, pretending in front of his wife Minerva that he doesn’t know her. Whenever Minerva is not around, he makes love to her and eventually impregnates her. One day, Minerva comes home too early and catches them in the act. When her anger subsides, she lets Jennifer stay because she knows how much Orlando wanted a child which she cannot give to him. In a […]

Hidden Adultery (aka Son Chu/ซ่อนชู้ )


Nan moves into a new place with her new boyfriend. He introduces her to a guy (not sure if he’s a friend of his or the caretaker of the place). She is shocked to find that the guy is her ex-boyfriend. Of course, they don’t tell her new boyfriend about that. They rekindle their affair and make love whenever her boyfriend is not around. One time, while they are in the middle of lovemaking, her […]

Khuen Nan Chan Mii Thoe (aka That Night I Had You)


Dear is terminally ill and has retreated to a guest house. Here she meets an aspiring band with two males and a tomboy as members. She hooks up with one of the males and they become a couple. Meanwhile, after a night of drinking, the other male and the tomboy have drunken sex, which turns the tomboy into a lady after. When the band takes off for a music tour for several days, Dear becomes […]

Siew Lup

September 27, 2019

Mia, an ex-prostitute, is trapped in a loveless marriage with the abusive Quan, a butcher who runs a roast meat shop. When she meets sensitive funeral director Wu, their passion for one another escalates into an affair. But the path to true love is fraught with jealousy, forcing someone to make a deadly move.