Charming Love Affair (aka Sanae ruk Sanae choo / เสน่ห์รัก เสน่ห์ชู้ )


The husband hits a troubled young guy with his car. The guy, who is being chased by armed men, becomes unconscious so the husband brings him to his home and tells his pretty wife to take care of him. When the husband leaves, the young guy wakes up and forces himself onto the wife. The wife resists him at first but she immediately succumbs to her own lustful desires. Thus, the wife and the young […]

Golden Lotus: Love and Desire

November 15, 2018

A corrupt local official, Xi Men Qing, who lusts after women and money, pursues his brother’s young wife, Lee Ping Er. Ping finds Men attractive, and under her drunken husband’s nose, she and Men work their way through the illustrations of a pillow book, the “Golden Lotus.” Men pursue the same feat with his fourth concubine, Pan Jing Lien, who lives in the compound next to Ping. Jing’s jealousy compounds a tale of humiliation, childbirth, […]

Unfaithful Wife

Unfaithful Wife


The film concerns the attempts of Fidel to resume a normal life after the devastation wrought by his wife’s death. He returns to his old friend Crispin and wife Irene. A tentative effort with another woman fails, and Fidel finds himself in Irene’s arms. That same evening a young girl is brutally murdered. Fidel, unable to account for his whereabouts, is named the principal suspect, which later leads to his imprisonment. Crispin, meanwhile, learns of […]

Agos (aka Flow)


Leonor is a loving and caring wife to her husband Enrico. Together they work hard in order to build a decent family of their own. The serenity of their relationship starts to be ravaged when Enrico’s company assigns him to work in Baguio. Conflict ascends when he meets the friend of his wife Dr. Elvira Manalo and Menchu her lodger. Sexual tension and forbidden union arise with these two temptresses as lustful and desires easily […]

The Legend of Siren XXX


In a rural port town, Kenji Ishikawa runs a barber shop together with his new wife, who speaks very little and has mysterious eyes to match her amorous presence. Running the shop isn’t easy as hardly any customers come… One evening, a man comes to the shop, as if lured by the faint hum of the wife. As the man takes a seat, Kenji exits his shop. The wife then gently fingers the man’s neck… “Want […]