Madame Aema 3


Prof. Noh, a professor of engineering, developed an obsession with sex due to his enormous amount of research and the sex he experienced at parties during his studies abroad. Subsequently, his sex life with his wife, Ae-ma, is not satisfactory. Ae-ma looks into hospitals to help her husband. But Ae-ma witnesses her husband having an affair and becomes disheartened. She meets a professional wrestler who looks like her first love and they get involved. Ae-ma […]



A period drama set in the city of Varanasi. The rajah of Varansi is unable to satisfy his younger wife’s sexual needs so she has an affair with one of the king’s generals.

Kulang sa Dilig (aka A Flower That Needs Watering)


Cristina is being sexually deprived by her husband and she wants to know why. In the process of searching for an answer, she becomes a nude model for an older artist and has an affair with him. She also starts an affair with her husband’s former best friend, determined to have sex with him again and again, if needed, until he tells her the truth about why her husband is so cold to her.

Charming Love Affair (aka Sanae ruk Sanae choo / เสน่ห์รัก เสน่ห์ชู้ )


The husband hits a troubled young guy with his car. The guy, who is being chased by armed men, becomes unconscious so the husband brings him to his home and tells his pretty wife to take care of him. When the husband leaves, the young guy wakes up and forces himself onto the wife. The wife resists him at first but she immediately succumbs to her own lustful desires. Thus, the wife and the young […]