Hong Hun Pisawat (2013) aka Puppet Room


Khaimuk’s husband becomes too engrossed with his work as a sculptor that he even forgets their anniversary. This leads her to find comfort in the arms of his friend and begin an affair with him. However, her affair turns out to be short-lived when she finds out that the guy has a girlfriend. Feeling more alone than ever, she takes her life. Her husband honors her by creating a life-like clay model in her likeness. […]


Araro (2010)


Araro tells the story of the sanctity of marriage of Andoy (Paolo Rivero) and Elena (Lorraine Lopez). Like Adam and Eve, their vows were tempted by a stranger named Steve (Jeff Luna), figuratively playing the snake in the paradise. Will their love prevail over temptations? Will morality and sexuality defines their humanity? In the end, the temptations lead them to become better persons and stick to the sanctity of their marriage vow.

Three Sexy Stories (1998)


1. First story “Buy Ghost”: Fred is a rogue taxi driver, a Taoist priest to sell on late-night chance encounter ghosts, curiosity and bought under the ghost of a ghost, after; ordered whom to do a bad thing, ghosts are not from, Fred will be raped female ghosts, Taoist that after the forcible withdrawal of the ghost in order to protect the ghost. 2. Second story “Sex articles”: Xin Lian is an independent open-minded new […]

Ira (2001)


Fernando, a rich scion, changes his mistresses in quick succession, always looking for that perfect girl who could replace the one he really loved: his first wife who died on their wedding night. Cristina is his mainstay because she’s really great in bed, but now she is threatened by the newcomer Ira, because perhaps she senses that Ira possesses some enormous qualities (ok she has enormous breasts, but I’m sure she has other enormous qualities […]