Hot Super Model (2010)
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 95 min | Year: 2010 |  Thailand

A beautiful model loves freedom and learns how to make life worthwhile until she meets Mike, a young photographer who loves peace. Then her own life changes...

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Cheating Notes

Fah starts dating the owner of the advertising company she just signed up with as a model. She has dinner with him at 28:45.

Fah discovers that the photographer in her current shoot is her ex-boyfriend who left here a year ago with no real good reason.

Fah kisses the company owner on the beach (42:12).

On the last night of their shoot, Fah gets drunk and confronts her ex-boyfriend and asks him why he left her like that, etc (1:05:46). She passes out and her ex-boyfriend takes her to her room. She wakes up as her ex-boyfriend is about to leave her room and she has sex with him (1:08:21).

After her ex-boyfriend says goodbye for good, Fah has sex with the company owner (1:26:55).

(Spoiler) These three characters are not humans. Fah is an angel, her ex-boyfriend is a demon, and her current boyfriend,  the company owner is a vampire.

Original / Other Title:  ร้อนรักนางแบบ

 Director:  An-u Kamix

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   Thailand
Language:  Thai
Release Date:  5 May 2010

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