The Couple Next Door (TV Mini Series) (2023)
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 50 min | Year: 2023 |  United Kingdom

A young couple move to an upscale neighbourhood to start a family, but soon find themselves entangled in a complex web of desire and betrayal with their new neighbours.

Evie and Pete move into an upscale neighborhood and find themselves in a world of curtain twitching and status anxiety. They find
friendship in the shape of the couple next door, alpha traffic cop Danny and his wife, glamorous yoga instructor Becka, but after Danny and Evie share a passionate night together there is trouble ahead.

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Cheating Notes

Episode 3

Evie convinces her black beta husband that they swing with their neighbors, the couple next door who is into that lifestyle. But the truth is she really is already very attracted to the neighbor's alpha white husband and is just trying to get a free pass to fuck him.

The swinging starts at 35:15. The neighbor's wife kisses Evie's black husband first. He is hesitant but goes with the motion. That's the sign that Evie is waiting for and she immediately comes with the neighbor's husband inside the bedroom and there, she makes love to him eagerly and passionately. When the guy's condom breaks, she lies to him that she's on the pill and tells him to just basically cum inside her without worry. The slut even wants to get impregnated by him!

Meanwhile, Evie's black husband can't go through with it and stops making out with the neighbor's wife. So the night ends with Evie feeling very sexually satisfied and with a huge smile on her face, while her husband sits on the patio crying.

Episode 4

Evie recalls her lovemaking with the neighbor's husband and masturbates to it (26:39 ). Evie also finds out in this episode that she is pregnant and is very happy, especially when she knows that the father is the neighbor's alpha husband.

Episode 5

Evie fucks the neighbor's husband in his office one late night (18:15). He is reluctant because he loves his wife but can't resist her seduction.


Hot. I like the idea of a wife pretending that she digs swinging so that she can get fucked by the guy she has the hots for. Strategic nudity only.

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