Adultério por Amor (1979)

September 29, 2022

A couple is unsuccessfully trying to have a baby. The husband refuses to be submitted to clinical examination while the wife secretly submits and finds that she is healthy. The wife decides to have a one-night stand with a student to get pregnant and save her marriage.

No More Easy Life (1979)

September 11, 2022

A college student finds herself torn between a former boyfriend who’s the tough, insensitive-but-sexy, type, and a new boyfriend who’s more sensitive to her feelings, but who still acts childishly selfish at times.

En Altamar (2018)


A wife comes sailing with her brother-in-law (her half-sister’s husband) and fucks him on an uninhabited island. But when the boat catches fire and they get stranded on the island, they have to find a way of getting rescued without their spouses knowing that they are together.