Adultery (1996) aka Selingkuh


Febryan forbids his wife, Rowena, to work, so that she can get pregnant. But due to his busy schedule, they hardly find time to have sex, and they often do it when Rowena is not fertile, so they have not been able to have children. Rowena is often away from home for her painting hobby. Then, she meets Cindy, who says that her husband is a seaman and she also introduces her to Rex, her […]

Beautiful Wives 2017


Sana, who is not satisfied sexually with her husband and has built up held back desire inside her, registers for her husband’s swimming club to relieve stress. The boss of the company covets her stealthily in a swimsuit. After all, the boss who couldn’t suppress his strong desire for Sana will give a surprise promotion to her husband.



A man so desperate for a promotion prostitutes his unwilling wife to his boss. He doesn’t get the promotion, kills himself, and his wife gets revenge on the guy who got promoted instead of him. Her plan of revenge is to fuck everyone in the guy’s family, including his wife, to sow chaos among them.