Embalos Alucinantes (1978)


Ramon, a psychology student, is a good-looking young man with little willingness to do honest work. He lives in the anteroom of his cousin’s office, Sergio, a dentist who is fascinated by him. Bothered by the constant presence of women brought by Ramon and to get him out of his office, Sergio convinces his cousin to respond to a magazine ad proposing a couples exchange. Ramon talks to Cris, a friend from college, who agrees […]

Beatriz: Entre a Dor e o Nada (2015)


A husband starts to write a book with jealousy as the theme of the story, using his own wife as his inspiration. For the book to be successful, his wife decides to help: her objective is to build a female character that feeds the writer’s creativity, but she goes too far and begins having sex with strangers for real.

Two Edged Knife (1989)


Paulo is a rich lawyer who has a happy and comfortable family life, with his kid and very loyal to his wife. But when he finds out that the woman is cheating on him with his business partner and best friend, he decides to execute a perfect plan that involves murdering both and easily getting away with murder.

Sex Life of Plants (2015)


After a head injury makes a dimwit stranger out of Barbara’s boyfriend Guille, she ceases to feel desire for him. Nearing 35, and longing for motherhood, she settles with a new partner. The memory of lost love harrows her so she visits Guille again and has sex with him.