Profesor Eróticus (1981)


A young professor of sexology takes advantage of a congress to spend the honeymoon in the hotel in Mallorca where the event is held. There he meets colleagues of different nationalities who have also come accompanied by their wives. He ends up banging the wives of two much older professors.

The Island of Prohibited Pleasures (1979)


Ana, a fake journalist and professional assassin, goes on a mission on the Isle of Prazeres. Using former journalist Sérgio as guide, she must be able to enter the site and eliminate two subversive refugees: the Reichian theoretician William, who shares his wife, Lucia with Sergio, and the anarchist Nilo who lives with two sisters, Brigite and Monique in a tent at the seaside.


Intimidade (1976)

December 6, 2022

Tanya is a top model married to advertising agency head Roberto who runs it with his twin Alex. They are doing business with an industrialist and his assistant Pedro. Roberto, Alex and their buddies go to a striptease and they lie to Tanya to cover themselves. Tanya feels consumed by the stifling, oppressive celebrity machine and tires of Roberto’s controlling nature and being exploited further as a sex object, so she runs away to a […]