If I Close My Eyes Now (TV Mini Series) (2018)
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 40 min | Year: 2018 |  Brazil

In a quiet town, two boys find a woman's mutilated body. After becoming suspects at first and realizing there is a mystery behind that murder, they decide to investigate the case with the help of an enigmatic old man. When a vertiginous spiral of violence is triggered, conspiracy begins to emerge and the boys must discover the truth as soon as possible in order not to become the next victims.

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Cheating Notes

The series is non-nude. The women are wearing underwear/lingerie during sex scenes.


Isabel - the Mayor's wife - cheats with the mulato.

Adalgisa - She, her husband, and her son (or stepson?) are close to the Mayor's family.

Anita - the dentist's dead wife. She got sexually involved (BDSM and stuff) with several people, including the mayor and  Adalgisa, when she was living.

The mayor's daughter - has an affair with the mulato, cheating if Adalgisa's son is her boyfriend.

Episode 1

19:55 - The mayor's daughter kisses the mulato.

Episode 2

19:06, 22:34 - The mayor's daughter and the mulato kiss beside the pool.

Episode 3

24:51 - Adalgisa's son is kissing the mayor's daughter on the neck, trying to start a make-out session with her, but she's not in the mood. Is he her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend? If it's the former, then she is cheating on him with the mulato.

Episode 4

39:10,41:10 - The mayor's daughter and the mulato make out/pet in a public bathroom and could have had sex but someone interrupts them.

Episode 5

36:51 - Isabel (the mayor's wife) bangs the mulato in his trailer.

Episode 6

1:24 - Flashback scene of how Isabel and the mulato began their affair. He helped her with her car trouble while it was raining, which led to them fucking on top of her hood and in the front seat of her car. She resisted initially but gave in.

24:50 - Isabel recalls her lovemaking with the mulato.

35:15 - Flashback scene. Anita (the dentist's dead wife) gets whipped by the mayor on the bed.

Episode 7

14:00 - Isabel comes to the mulato's trailer and after arguing, they make out passionately and he eats her pussy.

Episode 8

22:04 - The mulato tries to bang Isabel against a pool table.

33:50 - Flashback scene. Anita having BDSM sex with the mayor.

37:24 - The mulato fucks someone, I'm not sure who she is.

39:00, 40:28 - We see sex/BDSM pictures of Anita with the mayor and another dude, an older man.

41:50 - Adalgisa's husband slaps her and confronts her with BDSM pictures of her and Anita.

Episode 9

16:31 - We see more BDSM photos of  Anita and the mayor.

Episode 10

3:55 - We see more sex photos of Anita, this time she was with three guys.

4:18 - Flashback scene of Adalgisa and Anita kissing and arguing.

6:39 - Flashback scene. Anita having a BDSM session with the mayor.

Original / Other Title:  Se Eu Fechar os Olhos Agora

 Director:  Joaquim Carneiro, André Câmara, Carlos Manga Jr.

Genres: Crime, Drama

Country:   Brazil
Language:  Portuguese
Release Date:  29 August 2018


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