Latest Cheating Wife Movie Reviews

Bukas Bibitayin si Itay (1995)

February 19, 2020

A wife who is discontented with the meager money that her husband makes starts an affair with a rich, cocky guy who is the brother of the town mayor. She fucks him inside his resthouse while her daughter swims in the pool outside.

Nessun Dorma (2016)


After her fiance drops her off at her place, a soon-to-be bride drives to the place of a guy that she loves and makes out with him. She is ready to make love to him, but he doesn’t want to, saying she might regret it. They still manage to have sex some time in the future.

Young Sister-in-law 2 – 2018 (2018)


A CEO is fucking his wife’s half-sister who works for him. His young subordinate, who is also having an affair with his wife, sees them doing it and blackmails the half-sister to have sex with him. In the end, they settle their differences and swap partners in the middle of a foursome while staying at a guest house.