Cute Devil (2018)

July 6, 2021

A husband cuts off the dick of a senior lawyer in his office right in front of his wife, who is working for the lawyer as an intern. Through flashbacks, we learn that the wife and the senior lawyer were lovers.

From Orion’s Testimony: Formula for Murder (1978) aka An Unforgettable Affair


Toshihiko, a high school boy, hates Kozo, his father, enough to kill him. His mother had lived in terror of him and, at last, broken in spirit, she had left and her pitiful departing figure is still seared in Toshihiko’s mind. Soon, Kozo marries Asako who is young and beautiful. An idea forms in Toshihiko’s mind to get even with his father for the shabby way he had treated his mother. He wonders if he […]