Pink Physical Examination (1985)

May 8, 2023

It is a sexy hospital. After all, how many hospitals do you know where the nurses prostitute themselves to their patients? A cute nurse is asked to offer sexual services to her patients and resists at first. After all, she has a husband back at home. The hospital offers its patients additional amenities and services like you would never believe.

Tokyo Booty Nights (2004)

May 7, 2023

Yuji and Akiko are newlyweds. Yuji dreams of being a movie star. He lands the lead role in a Pink Eiga soft-core sex film. The director requires him to have sex with the actress. Akiko goes to her high school reunion and is raped by a drunken guy, and then hooks up with her ex-high school love.

Peeping Married Woman: Schrödinger’s Woman (2018)


Mayu lives with her husband, a company employee, and her father-in-law, who has dementia. One day, Ikushima, who lives in the apartment across the street, sees Mayu throwing an old fan in the trash. He takes the fan back to his place, repairs it and starts using it. After that, he gradually begins to peek into the life of Mayu. One day, he secretly follows her and is shocked to find her going inside a peeping club…