Double Bed (1983)

May 23, 2024

Kato is a small time TV producer. He has a wife Masako, and a young son Taro. Kato reunites with an old pal from college, Yamazaki. Yamazaki is a lyric writer/womanizer and he starts to have an affair with Masako.

Deep Throat in Tokyo (1975)


A father sends his son away on a business trip and then he seduces his son’s wife but is frustrated when she refuses to perform oral sex on him. Angered, he forces his daughter-in-law to undergo surgery in which her clitoris is transferred to her throat, thereby requiring that she engage in oral sex in order to have an orgasm.

Scissor Penis (2018)


Kametaro Deba is an incel and even his attempt to marry so he can finally get laid fails as his wife just ends up cheating on him. He kills her and dumps the body parts in the mountains, where his wife’s ghost curses him and causes him to turn into a monster called “Scissor Dick”.