Married Woman Training Knee Pillow (2000)


Miyuki is a wife who devotes herself to her husband who became paralyzed in his lower body in a traffic accident. One day, Miyuki is kidnapped by a masked man in town, and she is violently raped. The next day, there were threatening letters and photos… Miyuki accepts the man’s request that she should not be known only to her husband. She is forced to have SEX that resembles training, leaving rope marks all over her body. While leaving her heart to her husband, her body feels every time she is held…

Adultery (1989)


Na-young is raped on vacation while her husband Myung-ho is on a business trip. Sanghyun raped Na-young in a spirit of vengeance for his old girl that resembles Na-young, yet Na-young soon becomes obsessed and begins having an affair with her rapist Sang hyun.

Inbō no yoru: Kurikaesu masayume (2016)


In this dark and mind-bending film, Yuriko is a miserable house wife forced to live under the emotional and physical abuse of her husband. A wanted criminal, known for home invasions and aggravated assault, breaks into Yuriko’s residence, but surprisingly he sets her free. Due to the immense emotional distress she has gone through, Yuriko attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge, only to wash ashore and have her life saved by the man that […]