The Invader (2011) aka L’Envahisseur
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The Invader
 95 min | Year: 2011 |  Belgium

An African immigrant living illegally in Belgium is desperate to find his own sense of belonging.

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Cheating Notes

The black immigrant follows the wife (who is into real estate and also an art dealer) from the place of the mobster boss who basically provided him the needed illegal papers for his immigration. He tails her to a hotel where her husband is having a talk. He gets his chance to talk to her alone and charm her. On their second meet, he continues to impress her and get her panty wet with his smooth and confident manner of talking, so she agrees to fuck him in a luxurious loft that she owns (45:38). They do it in a standing position, first with her facing the window and pressed against it while he bangs her from behind, then they face each other, with him between her legs and thrusting rhythmically towards her.

Hot window sex between wife and the black dude.

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Original / Other Title:  L'Envahisseur

 Director:  Nicolas Provost

Genres: Drama

Country:   Belgium
Language:  English, French
Release Date:  23 November 2011

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