Malombra (1984)


A rich old man’s sister-in-law became his woman when his wife died, dressing her up like his dead wife and making her do self-gratification for his viewing pleasure. His nephew, along with a companion, arrives to stay for a while at his mansion. The sister-in-law falls in love with the nephew’s companion and has sex with him.

Climax (1972)

January 13, 2022

Monika feels unused and misunderstood. The young wife of the busy and successful civil engineer Kai is often alone because he is hunted and plagued by appointments. Increasingly sexually frustrated, Monika tries masturbating. On the advice of a friend, Monika looks for male acquaintances and becomes a nymphomaniac. What she did not find with Kai – tenderness, refuge and understanding – Monika finally finds with one of her lovers.

La Nipote (1974)


After her mother’s death, Francine, a shy young woman goes to her uncle Michel’s summer villa. He is almost impotent and although living with Zoe, a former stripper, prefers chasing Doris, the maid. Antoine, a young virgin man and Michel’s son, comes to the villa and quickly learns the ways of sex with Francine who replaces the maid who has been sacked. Meanwhile, Zoe has some fun with Pierre, a friend of the family. Michel […]