Helen, Yes… Helen of Troy (1973)


Ottone and Savio find themselves on the shores of Ancient Greece in search of bread and adventures. They are rescued by Paris and Elena and taken to the palace of Menelaus. The welcome is propitious to take advantage of the lavish lunches and beautiful women, including Elena, wife of the sovereign who will be kidnapped by Paris and taken to Troy.

Love & Passion

Capriccio (1987)


Jennifer and her husband Fred seek out their old lovers for another fling in this erotic drama. Fred hooks up with the prostitute Rosalba, while Jennifer returns to the arms of the handsome pimp Ciro. The unfaithful couple returns to each other after the affairs prove to be less satisfying than the memory of their initial experiences.

Aretino’s Stories of the Three Lustful Daughters (1972)


The three daughters of Madonna Violante: Nanna, Concetta and Fiorenza have only one thought, to have a good time as much as possible with men. Learning that one of the family’s peasants, Torello, is powerful, attractive, and very handsome, Concetta brings him into the house. Meanwhile, Fiorenza, believing her husband to be out of town for penance, enjoys the favors of a friar.