The Alcove (1985) aka L’alcova


In 1936 Italy, Elio returns home from Africa with a present for his wife in the form of Zerbal (Laura Gemser), the daughter of a tribal king. Unbeknown to him, his neglected wife Alessandra (Lili Carati) has been having an affair with Elio’s otherwise frigid secretary Velma (Annie Belle) who is less than pleased at Elio’s return. Not at all pleased with being a slave, the Ebony princess notices the mistress of the house engaging […]

The Escapees (1981)

October 13, 2021

Two young women are invited by two couples to their place to lure them into swinging. The two wives start petting heavily on the couch in order to seduce one of the women.

Mona (2012)


A chick whose boyfriend works at the slaughterhouse and is poor fucks a guy from the city who inherited his uncle’s estate and who comes to their village to attend his uncle’s funeral.

Crazy Swedish Holidays in Paris (1980)

September 30, 2021

The two couples, Barbro and Evert and Ulla and Jan, who are good friends maintain the myth of Swedish liberty and sexual appetite. The husbands have competitions about who can give his wife the most pleasure. They send the wives to Paris for holiday. They promise their husbands to be faithful but as soon as they reach there, they find two lovers. But they are robbed by them after a very hot night. But the […]