Ginto sa putikan (1987) aka Gold in the Mud


Raffy allows Tessie, his live-in girlfriend, to be an escort to provide for them while he is still finishing his studies. Tessie becomes the steady mistress of Mr. Robles, a rich client. Raffy, although jealous sometimes, even welcomes Mr. Robles at his and Tessie’s place, pretending that he is just Tessie’s brother. Complications arise when Tessie gets pregnant and she doesn’t know who the father is between the two men. Meanwhile, Mrs. Robles finds out […]

Voyeurism (2016)


A paparazzi is rewarded sexually by his client after she hires him and he proves that her husband is cheating on her. Plus, another client hires him to stake out and film her twin sister, but the client could be that twin sister herself and she just likes to be watched while she fucks her boyfriend.