Dingding lang ang Pagitan (1986) (aka Just a Wall in Between)


Orlando lets his mistress Jennifer rent a room at their house, pretending in front of his wife Minerva that he doesn’t know her. Whenever Minerva is not around, he makes love to her and eventually impregnates her. One day, Minerva comes home too early and catches them in the act. When her anger subsides, she lets Jennifer stay because she knows how much Orlando wanted a child which she cannot give to him. In a […]

I’m a Sexaholic (aka Watashi wa, Kairaku Izonshou)


A dude has recently moved into an apartment complex with his pregnant wife when he accidentally stumbles upon an orgy going on in one of the rooms. He decides to get in on the action since his wife ain’t been fucking him lately. He fucks one of his teenage neighbors to get things started and ends up fucking his landlady for good measure. Soon, the wife finds out where he’s been going and decides to […]