Young Wife (2020)


Seung-Ha is not satisfied with her husband sexually. She’s secretly enjoying affairs with other men. She even had sex with her brother-in-law Dong-jun once. Meanwhile, Dong-jun suffers from guilt after having sex with his younger brother’s wife while currently living at their house. Dong-jun hooks up with an ex-girlfriend to remove Seung-ah from her head. But when he comes back home, he finds Seung-ha about to have sex with their neighbor. Seung-ha comes to his bedroom later, apologizing for what he saw, but then she also starts seducing him…

Hyena (2020)


A guy is asked by his senior to seduce the latter’s wife so that he can film it and use it as evidence of adultery to get all her properties, including her company. The employee tells his wife about his plans instead, and so, the wife fucks the employee at her own discretion and later leaves her husband for him.

The Daughter-in-law 2 (2019)


Da-hyeon and Hyeon-soo are sisters who grew up close to each other without their parents and still live together even after Da-hyeon got married. Sex isn’t good between Da-hyeon and her husband, so she fucks her husband’s stepfather when he comes to visit. Meanwhile, her husband is also fucking her little sister Hyeon-soo. And when her husband’s stepfather and her little sister get to be alone in their house one day, they also make love.