Friend Couples: Swapping (2017)


Seon-joo and Jae-yong and Tae-gyun and Ga-hee are two married couples from the same university. They go on a trip together and get drunk and talk about the good times they had and the times they had sex with each other’s husband or wife. At first, they felt jealous over this but from some point on, they dream of something exciting once again.

Three Sexy Stories (1998)


1. First story “Buy Ghost”: Fred is a rogue taxi driver, a Taoist priest to sell on late-night chance encounter ghosts, curiosity and bought under the ghost of a ghost, after; ordered whom to do a bad thing, ghosts are not from, Fred will be raped female ghosts, Taoist that after the forcible withdrawal of the ghost in order to protect the ghost. 2. Second story “Sex articles”: Xin Lian is an independent open-minded new […]

Swapping Wives (2017)


Another erotic story about love between two couples, actually in-law sister’s family. The younger sister and her husband move to the sister’s house for a few weeks. That’s enough for a new affair to happen, with all four of them. A sexy sister-in-law instead of a quiet wife! An innocent sister-in-law instead of a horny wife! Jong-woo is frustrated with his wife Jae-hee because she’s so silent in bed. He talks to Ji-yeong about this […]

Wall Lover

Wall Lover (2008)


Maiko is a housewife who is not satisfied with her sex life with her old husband, Shusaku. One day, Maiko’s former student Kaito and his wife, Ayano, move to her neighbor. While Maiko teaches her new neighbor Kaito cooking, they both discover their dissatisfaction with their respective mates. Kaito’s wife Ayana wants to meet some wise old man through a dating website. She finds Mr. Dolittle and sets up to meet him. When she sees […]

Swapping: Two Women (2020)


His wife has been acting strange. Oftentimes, she would go wherever, won’t receive his calls, and won’t reply when asked. The husband, Dong-seok, who suspects his wife’s strange behavior, finds a business card in her car and visits it. He meets Hani there, the woman she saw in a video, and while he was immersed in her story, he experienced something strange.

Laek Khu Chu Rak (2012) aka แลกคู่ ชู้รัก/Exchanged Lovers


Two couples who are friends have come to the beach to make a short movie. But the camera breaks and must be repaired. One guy goes with the other guy’s girlfriend to a repairman to have the camera fixed. Meanwhile, his girlfriend stays at the resort with the other guy and practices acting with him, especially the part in which he was having trouble with: the lovemaking scene. Suddenly, they get horny doing it and […]

Next Door Husband and Wife (2016)


Eun-ji and Seung-ho, Seong-sik and Joo-ran move into a neighborhood at similar times. Eun-ji is lonely because of her husband’s frequent late-nights and Seong-sik takes care of the house while his wife works. One day, Seong-sik goes over to Eun-ji’s house to return a package but end up drinking wine with her. Seong-sik drunkenly kisses Eun-ji and the two spend a night in each others’ arms. They continue to meet secretly like that and one […]