The Carnal Sutra Mat (1987)


A nobleman who sets out on a journey of sexual conquest when he finds that his new young wife is not enough to satisfy his insatiable sexual desires. Things progress nicely until he steals the young wife of a vengeful and proud husband, who decides to exact revenge. The spurned man embarks on his own journey, to the home of the wife of the nobleman.

Amar, después de amar (TV Series) (2017) aka Love After Loving


The accident of a couple on the road opens dozens of questions. The woman’s body has disappeared. The man remains in a coma. The identity of both reveals a secret: they were not husbands, they were lovers. Three years earlier, a friendship between two marriages became a prelude to that forbidden love. Raquel and Damián, well-off fishing entrepreneurs, meet Carolina and Santiago, a young housewife and her husband, an expanding construction worker.