Reprimidos (2004)


Mario and his girlfriend Soledad have rented a house for two weeks for a quiet holiday on a virtually deserted beach. To their horror, Félix, Soledad’s ex-boyfriend arrives the same day with his newest flame Judith. Felix and Soledad have had a strong relationship in the past. That immediately arouses suspicion and jealousy with Mario. He finds Félix and his girlfriend just an ordinary couple. On the other hand, Félix thinks Mario is a stiff […]

Never Sleep Alone (1984)


Dan and Lisa have an open marriage, but Dan says Lisa can’t fuck any of his friends, especially Mark, because well, he says it’s different. Lisa feels it’s unfair because Dan’s rules are relaxed when it comes to him. He fucks any woman he wants, including their neighbor Natalie. This doesn’t sit too well with Lisa because she really likes Mark, in fact, she wants him so bad. But she’s also afraid to do it […]

Friend Couples: Swapping (2017)


Seon-joo and Jae-yong and Tae-gyun and Ga-hee are two married couples from the same university. They go on a trip together and get drunk and talk about the good times they had and the times they had sex with each other’s husband or wife. At first, they felt jealous over this but from some point on, they dream of something exciting once again.

The Invited Man (2017)


Min-ho wants passionate sex and his wife Eun-kyeong says sex is just a verification of love. Min-ho wants unique sex again tonight but Eun-kyeong only wants the usual sex in bed. One day, Eun-kyeong gets sex toys at work. She doesn’t like them at first but she can’t get over the great feeling from the massage shop and starts touching herself. Min-ho sees this and he gets horny. In the end, they have sex that […]

Palm Swings (2017)


After moving to Palm Springs, a young married couple puts their love to the test when they discover that their neighbors are swingers. Married couple Allison and Mark Hughes moving into their new Palm Springs home. Claire and Jim Ericson are their charismatic new neighbors. Claire, a sensual ex-model, and Jim, a music producer, embody the passionate marriage that Allison wants. Unable to sleep one night, Allison spies with her camera a woman arriving to […]

Daughter of Darkness 2 (1994)


This story is based on a true story. Trinh Diem Ly and Ngai-cheung Ng were a pair of loving couple. Ng was made impotent in the Sino-Vietnamese war, but they wanted a son. So they agreed that Ly should get pregnant by another man. They sought help from a strong and healthy man Dick Lau. However, this indecent affair was discovered by Hong Zhen and his son.

Just Want to Fuck My Brother’s Wife (2017)


Yuji, who came to the city from the province, temporarily stays at the house of his brother until he gets a job. However, he is envious and not very happy that his older brother has a hot chick for a new wife. One day, his brother promises his wife Tomomi that they will drink later tonight after he comes home from work. But he gets late in coming home so Tomomi has a drink with […]