Guilty Hearts (2002)


Quiet and unassuming church organist Jenny Moran is depressed with her marriage to working-class Matt and leaves him. Jenny begins an affair with the manipulative and charming Dr. Stephen Carrow, who is also deacon of her church and a married man. Someone kills Carrow’s wife after she learns of the affair between Jenny and her husband. The murderer is caught and confesses, but that confession leads to new lies which tear apart Jenny Moran’s life.

Mulher Objeto (1981)


Regina (Helena Ramos) is a woman from a poor family and married to the wealthy Hélio (Nuno Leal Maia). She freezes every time she tries to have sex with her husband, in spite of being continuously plagued by fantasies of kinky sex with every man she meets. She goes to a shrink and while resolving her childhood trauma, Hélio has an affair with his secretary Lúcia (Wilma Dias). Regina’s fantasies give way to real-life trysts. […]

Play of the Dear Married Woman Summer (2015) aka Sensual Love Story


Yukari’s husband abandoned her and their son Ryo so she lives on the streets and prostitutes herself to get by daily. One day, Yoshio, a young man, takes them in out of kindness. He lives on meager salary from working part-time at a convenience store so Yukari continues on prostituting herself. When the two of them go out to work, Yukari leaves her son for caretaking to Matsuko, who lives next door. Yukari makes sure […]

I Am Called Love (2012)


Prim’s husband falls to the seduction of her sister and starts an affair with her, so Prim goes on a road trip to clear her mind and think things over. Along the way, she meets and falls for a guy who likes to take photos and starts an affair with him. But one day, she leaves him without telling him and comes back to her husband. Back home, she discovers that her sister is taking […]