Levottomat (2000) aka Restless


An old dog has a hard time learning new tricks in this drama set in Turku. Ari, a paramedic, is a chronic womanizer; he makes it a point of pride to never sleep with the same woman twice, and his nights are a long series of brazen one-night stands. But when Ari meets Tiina (Laura Malmivaara), something unexpected happens – he falls in love. For the first time, Ari finds himself pursuing a long-term relationship, […]

Levottomat 3 (2004) aka Addiction – When Nothing Is Enough


30-something Jonna, successful executive with cozy architect husband Niklas and two children, leads a double life. She is constantly on the lookout for quick casual sex. When she starts seeing handsome and rich young yacht owner Aleksi, things start going awry in her life. While her sister Sanna provides her with suitable alibis,sex therapist Nora tries to help her come to terms with her addiction

Touch and Go (1998)


An enthusiastic husband gets his reluctant wife into swinging but he gets insecure and wants them to stop while she likes it and wants to go on so that she can continue fucking other men. One night, they had dinner with their non-swinging couple friend and lures them into their lifestyle via a board game.