The Lost Tribe (1983)
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The Lost Tribe
 114 min | Year: 1983 |  New Zealand

Altered states. Deadly fates.

An anthropologist disappears in New Zealand while looking for a lost tribe, so his wife and little daughter as well as his shady twin brother who's in love with his sister-in-law go to look for him. Also seeking him are the police, who suspect that one of the twins is responsible for a hooker's murder. Jealousy, paranoia and possibly the occult add to the story's ominous atmosphere.

Anthropologist Max Scarry mysteriously disappears while doing excavation/research of a lost New Zealand tribe on a remote island. His wife and his twin brother Edward are clueless as to what could have happened, a situation complicated by their city's police suspecting that one of the brothers murdered a local prostitute who was found with a strange tribal charm on her body matching one found in Max's abandoned hut. What most certainly isn't helping matters is the strange behavior of Max's daughter as she seems to have visions beyond possibility, warnings of a supernatural threat and her uncle's fate - and she's the film's narrator, to boot. Edward decides to go to the island to find out exactly what happened, but the deeper he goes into the mystery the more perilous and unknowable his world becomes, leading towards a shocking fate that raises more questions than it answers..

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Cheating Notes

Anthropologist Max Scarry went missing in a remote island while looking for a lost tribe. His wife and daughter, along with his twin brother Edward go the remote island to search for him. Edward always has the hots for Max's wife and in fact, according to him, it is the reason why he has a estranged relationship with his brother. He fucks Max's wife at a cabin in the island (54:40).



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German dubbed. Originally English language.


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