All Ladies Do It (2020)
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 97 min | Year: 2020 |  India

A handsome young man gets erotically involved with a sultry seductive wife of an impotent man only to find himself entangled in a dangerous web of lies and deceit.

An Indian couple is having issues in their married life. The husband is worried that his wife may get into an affair with another man and discuss it with his newfound friend. His friend himself gets into an affair with his wife but he has no idea that he is falling into a trap set up by the couple and later finds himself in prison.

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Cheating Notes

The lover comes to the wife's house and fucks her after her husband has left for work. She is wearing a BDSM outfit with mask and cat ears. After their lovemaking, the husband unexpectedly returns so the lover hides under the bed.

The lover plays footsie with the wife's pussy under the table while they are having dinner with her husband.

The wife and her lover have a wet carwashing seduction scene and have sex inside a car.

The husband comes home one day and finds his wife beaten and unconscious. She points to her lover as the culprit. Her lover gets arrested and recalls everything including how he met her the first time (in a waiting shed and she didn't mind being groped by him).

In a flashback scene, the wife puts up a nude show with self-pleasure in front of the webcam. I'm not sure if it's her future lover who is watching.

In a flashback scene, the future lover approaches the husband in an outdoor restaurant and introduces himself. When the husband gets too drunk, the future lover takes him home and meets his wife, dressed in a robe and red lingerie. The future lover hits on her, slaps her butt and caresses her pussy on top of her lingerie. Although she's smiling and flirting with him, she doesn't do it with him this time and makes him leave.

In a flashback scene, while they are in a swimming pool, the wife tells her future lover that she caught her husband having sex with his mistress at their home. We see a visualization of that. After she tells the story, her future lover advances toward her to give her a kiss and the scene cuts off.

In a flashback scene, the lover comes to the wife's house and fucks her. It's a rough kind of sex, with him slapping her in the face, in her butt-cheeks, etc. I think it's her idea so that she can use the injuries that arise from it to frame him later.

We learn that the husband's mistress has a husband of her own, and therefore, she could be cheating on him when she fucked the main husband. The police knock on the mistress and her husband's door while they are having sex to question them about the crime. I'm not sure but I think the main wife's lover is pointing to the mistress's husband as the one who beat her, and his motive is jealousy.

When the mistress' husband pulls out an ID and introduces himself as an officer, the police salute him, stop pestering them with questions and leave. (Note: another angle is that maybe the main wife just invented her story about her husband and his mistress. Maybe her husband didn't really have an affair with the officer's wife at all. But then again, the officer's wife sometimes gives the police and her husband a certain look that seems to reveal her guilt).


Oh wow, the sex scenes in this movie are hot. The main wife and her husband's mistress, who is married to a police officer herself, are both hot. Personally, I think that the mistress is hotter in the looks department while the main wife is hotter in the sex department. India, please give us more cheating wife movies like this because your mainstream ones are sorely lacking when it comes to sex scene and nudity.

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 Director:  Akhil Gautam

Genres: Thriller

Country:   India
Language:  Hindi
Release Date:  10 November 2020

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