He’s Watching (2018)


Angela is hired by her college boyfriend to manage his fortune. When the two engage in a heated affair while her boyfriend is on a business trip, her life takes a downward spiral, forcing her to confront the fact that her former flame may no longer be the sweet gentleman of her past.

Katayan (2000) aka Slaughterhouse

January 12, 2023

Jake works at the slaughterhouse and regularly delivers pork to restaurant owner Dodong, a middle-aged man whose second wife is having an affair with a delivery guy. Dodong has taken a liking to Jake and begins treating him like his own son. However, their relationship becomes tainted when Dodong’s wife seduces Jake, and Jake has fallen in love with Dodong’s niece.

Depraved (1996)


Ophelia is a top-tier slut who passes off her open relationship status with her fiance Dan as both their ideas, when in fact, it’s basically all her fantasy. Proof: Only men are allowed in their “open relationship” because when Dan even introduced the idea of a threesome with another female, she got mad at him.