Nyitva (2018)


A live-in couple tries swinging to stimulate their fledgling sex life, but when it’s time to venture separately, the boyfriend gets mad when the girlfriend is able to fuck a lifeguard while he isn’t able to fuck the nurse he’s been lusting on.


Sweet Body of Bianca (1982)


Orestes, A rich man lives with his wife, Stella, in a wonderful villa on a Greek island. He loves to collect all the beautiful women he can pay for, and enjoys sex with them together with Stella whenever they want. Bianca is one of the ‘guests’, she lives in the villa just because Orestes pays for her sister’s medical cures. One day during Orestes’ party, Bianca meets an author who convinces her to leave the villa. When she leaves, Orestes immediately studies a plan to have his top girl back.

Sex Games (2023)


A rich couple spices up their sexual relationship by doing their so-called Sex Games, which include having a threesome or even foursome with other people. They challenge themselves by planning to seduce a poor, conservative, and still unmarried young couple. The wife targets the boyfriend while the husband targets the girlfriend. Who will win? Or more importantly, is someone going to?