Love Exchange (2001)


Jackie (Holly Sampson) and Ben (Eddie Jay) move into a luxurious new home in the affluent neighborhood of Verdana Hills. They are immediately welcomed and befriended by their sexy new neighbor Lizellee (Monique DeMoan) and invited to a pool party to meet the rest of the neighbors in the complex. After meeting Lizette’s husband Lorenzo (Ben Brown) at the pool gathering, Ben is invited and told about a “sexual card game” that allows everyone in […]

Bal badem (1979)


Wife gets raped by two friends of her husband. She comes under the custody of a doctor (?) for treatment. The rape makes her crave sexually. She seduces the doctor but he doesn’t go for it, so she fucks his friend who hangs around in his house instead. When the doctor finds out about their tryst, he scolds her. She runs away, stops a truck on the road and fucks the driver inside it. Some […]