Sensual (1986)


Ariel, a returning scion of the Buensejo clan, catches the attention of Nina, much to the chagrin of her female lover Elsa. A coming of age film by a young lass who is having a lesbian affair with her best friend but come to terms with her own sexuality after making love to a hunk next door and her relationship with her mother and grandmother.

Così, così… più forte (1970)


Two young women, Lisa and Susan, fall in love at the tennis club in Rome. The two lovers eclipse in the intimacy of nightclubs and mellow living rooms with carpets and goldfish in their glasses. But their harmony is disturbed by the arrival of a man: Susan cheats on Lisa with Fred. Between jealousies, unanswered calls and bottles of Johnnie Walker, the triangle explodes in a petty slapping in a luxury apartment, in front of […]

Indecent Beast


Wei Zeng Jing ( Stuart Ong ), president of a company maintain an extramarital relationship with Yi Ling (Lee Him) which itself is in a relationship with Shi-Ting (Gwok Yee-Lee). Yi Ling tells her half his wish to break his life with Jing Zeng. She also learns that she is pregnant. But that’s not counting the wife Wei Zeng Jing, head of the fortune of the couple who hired Lin, a private investigator. He then […]