Ingobernable (TV Series) (2017)
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 35 min | Year: 2017 |  Mexico

The First Lady of Mexico has big plans to improve conditions for the country. As she starts to lose faith in her husband, President Diego Nava, she finds herself at a crossroad where she will need to find a way to deal with a great challenge.

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Cheating Notes


Emilia wants to divorce her husband Diego, the current president of Mexico, but he doesn't want it. During their fight, he accuses her of having an affair and claims that he had seen photos of her and her lover together. More of these photos in S1E12 below. Diego will be killed in this episode.

10:48 Maria, the president's daughter, has lesbian sex with Daniela, the prosecutor's assistant, in a pool's locker room. Daniela has a wife.


27:10 - Canek, son of Dolores who works for Emilia's family, is released from prison with the help of Emilia and Diego. He has sex with Zyan, an old flame, in her bar. Nude.


24:37 - We see a flashback scene where Diego had sex with his chief of staff, Anna (and therefore was cheating on his wife Emilia). They fucked on the presidential desk. She got naked. (Spoiler) Anna is an agent and is in a relationship with her handler. As to exactly what kind of relationship and if it's already on when she fucked the president, well you have to watch the show as I'm not sure either. She seems to hate her handler's guts but she fucks him at S1E14.


16:32 - We see a flashback scene where Maria was eating Daniela's pussy in the president's office and then her father, President Diego and Anna came in and started having sex on the couch while she and Daniela hid under the desk.


45:52 - Canek fucks Emilia. We only see the initial kissing part, but don't worry, they are going to have hot sex twice later.


30:28 - Emilia fucks a beaten-up Canek in the bathtub. Nude.


4:27 - Maria and Daniela pet heavily in the conference room but are interrupted.


5:10, 29:45 - We see pics of Emilia hugging Jaime Bray, her right hand beside a car. These are the pics that her husband had seen. It's an intimate moment but not really a conclusive evidence that she's fucking Jaime.

27:47 -  Emilia and Canek fuck on the bed. Nude.


24:25, 27:06, 30:27 Anna has sex with her handler/boyfriend.

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