Love Chaser (1993)
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 90 min | Year: 1993 |  Hong Kong

Jo Jo is the assistant of Wayne, a faith healer who dabbles in the occult and preys on gullible rich wives. Her sister Shun Shun is an actress in a film company. Shun Shun fell in love with fellow actor Yung. The sister' mother, who loses all her real estate and savings because of her addiction to stock market gambling, does not approve of their relationship but her objection could not stop Shun Shun and Yung to marry. Jo Jo was asking for financial assistance from Wayne, whom she has a sexual relations with, but he mistakenly sent him to the road of death. While Shun Shun is choosing between her mother and her husband, her first love re-appears, making the situation complicated, and an unfortunate love triangle drama occurs.

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Cheating Notes

First, let's talk about Jo Jo, Shun Shun's sister. She has a relationship with her boss, the faith healer, and has sex with him a few times, but she also has a one-night stand with Shun Shun's future boyfriend/husband, Yung. She also fucks a bespectacled guy in BDSM fashion at her mom's place with her mom's approval, seemingly in a prostitute-client arrangement.

Shun Shun, meanwhile, falls in love with fellow actor Yung. They fuck, get engaged, start living together, and seemingly get married (according to the dialog). Trouble starts when her ex-boyfriend, a rich Japanese dude, comes back to her life. She is confused about who to choose between the two men. She goes on a date with her ex-boyfriend and makes out with him on a cliff by the sea but eventually pulls away (1:11:19). She then makes love to her husband after they quarrel because he couldn't contact her while she was with her ex-boyfriend. And then, she makes love to her ex-boyfriend while her husband is playing mahjong. Finally, in the final scene, Yung catches Shun Shun and her ex-boyfriend in the act and a confrontation ensues.

Original / Other Title:  惊天桃色劫

 Director:  Amen Wu
 Stars:  Ruby Wong Jo-Yi

Genres: Drama

Country:   Hong Kong
Language:  Cantonese
Release Date:  11 May 1993

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