Perlas (2004)

May 6, 2023

A young guy fucks his middle-aged friend’s young wife while his friend is passed out drunk. The latter wakes up, catches them in the act, and grabs his machete.

Affair: Good Aunt (2018)


After being discharged from the military, Min-jae falls for clubs and spends his days dissolutely. Unable to bear such a son, the mother kicks Min-jae out which forces him to live with his uncle. Min-jae, who has grown into a man in just a few years, and Aunt Ji-hee, who is full of sensuality, fall for each other at first sight.

The Volga River Flows (2009)


Young archaeologist Andrey arrives in an abandoned village on the banks of the Volga. He is engaged in excavations. Only his grandfather Roman, with whom Andrey is staying, remains in the village, and Sergei’s family. He begins to court Sergei’s wife, Luda, trying to brighten up his pastime with a light affair, but that gradually develops into a serious affair.