Void (2018)
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 97 min | Year: 2018 |  Finland

Eero’s career as an author is spiraling down: he just can’t get started with his new novel. His girlfriend, the ambitious actress Pihla is about to get her international break. Neither of them is willing to sacrifice their career even though their relationship is doing worse than ever. Void is a comedy-drama about the price of success and the agony of failure, and about situations where your partner just doesn’t get it.

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Cheating Notes

Eero goes on a sea trip in a cargo ship to have inspiration for his writing. Pihla, an actress his girlfriend, stays to act in films.

We see Pihla in a movie scene where she's playing as a wife dining with a black dude, telling him that she loves him despite being married to another man and holding his hand on the table (24:40).

Pihla actually cheats on Eero with a black co-actor (not the one in the movie scene with her). We see them kiss, hug and dine (28:16) but as for their lovemaking, we only see the non-nude after-sex scene where they're lying and talking on the bed (29:03).

When Eero comes back 6 months later, he finds Pihla pregnant and the father is her co-actor. Nevertheless, he accepts the situation, moves in with her, and marries her later.

Eero watches Pihla's movie with her, specifically, the one where she played the cheating wife. She is hesitant because there is a sex scene there between her character and her black lover (49:55). Thankfully, we the audience see that scene as well and it has nudity and some sex action. Eero reacts after because he sort of relates the scene to when she fucked her co-actor for real.

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