Suitable Flesh (2023)
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 99 min | Year: 2023 |  United States of America

Who do you think you are!

A psychiatrist becomes obsessed with one of her young patients, who she later discovers is linked to an ancient curse.

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Cheating Notes

When Asa, who seems to have a split personality, visits psychiatrist Beth's (Heather Graham) clinic for the first time, his aggressive so-called second personality takes over and he grabs Beth's pussy (11:03).

While having not-so-good sex with her husband, Beth suddenly finds that she's having sex with Asa instead, a fantasy that is induced supernaturally (13:33). This excites her and she rides her husband more enthusiastically and she moans more sensually as well. When their sex ends, her husband looks proud because he thinks that he's the one who gave his wife intense pleasure, not knowing that she was fucking a different person in her mind.

Beth comes to Asa's house because he says that "it" is trying to kill him. This ends up with Beth succumbing to the advances of Asa's other personality and she has sex with him on top of a desk (31:32).

Beth confesses to her husband that she had sex with Asa (43:30).

Beth dreams of getting oral sex from Asa in the office (44:58).

We see Beth's areolas during a bathroom scene when the thing that possessed Asa also possessed her (51:25).

Under the possession of the being, Beth rides her husband's cock on the couch (57:43). We see her boob here.



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