The Dangerous Link (2008)
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 101 min | Year: 2008 |  Russia

Maria and Arcadia can easily be called happy spouses. They live in a large country house, the husband is a successful businessman and the wife is a caring housewife who is always faithfully waiting for her husband to come home from work. But family happiness is only an illusion. The couple can not bear children, and lately, their relationship has become stale. Arcadia is drifting away from Maria. To get a little distraction, the bored wife decides to learn how to drive a car and on the advice of a friend, she finds a young instructor.

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Cheating Notes

At 28:45, the wife lets the driving instructor into her home after a driving session. He makes the first move by hugging her and caressing her from behind. They make love on top of the dining table. It's a non-nude sex scene but it's quite sexy and has ample display of cleavage from the wife.


The two make out/have sex a few more times after the husband dies, at 55:35, 1:03:49 (on the bed), 1:10:00 (in the car), and 1:11:13 (on top of a pool table).

Original / Other Title:  Опасная связь

 Director:  Marina Lyubakova

Genres: Drama, Crime

Country:   Russia
Language:  Russian
Release Date:  1 January 2008

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