Alindog ng lahi (1997)
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 113 min | Year: 1997 |  Philippines

Alona and Adora are not just sisters, they're also best friends. And then the hunk Adonis comes into their life to drive a wedge between them. There shouldn't be a problem if Alona hooks up with Adonis because she's single, but what about Adora, who is engaged to David? Where will this drama between four people all end?

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Cheating Notes

Alona and Adora are sisters. They meet and both fancy Adonis, a hunk of a fisherman. Alona is single while Adora is engaged to David. There's one more thing, Adora is a sex maniac and has sex with random fishermen whenever lust hits her.

22:25 - Adora seduces and has implied sex with a random fisherman.

24:48 - Adora seduces and fucks Adonis.

37:43 - Alona and Adonis become a couple and they have sex. Adora catches them.

47:47 - Adora seduces a second fisherman. This time, we see their lovemaking but she comes to her senses and leaves before it is over.

56:53 - Adora gets married to David. She has sex with him but initially, she is reluctant and at one point she imagines that it's Adonis who is on top of her. No action in this one.

1:16:23 - Alona and Adonis, now more established as a couple, have sex.

1:18:00 - Adonis gets into financial trouble with some thugs and lets some men fuck a drugged Alona for money.

1:23:04 - Alona, wearing a two-piece bikini, dances sexily in front of  Adonis's friends/clients around a bonfire. It is implied that she has sex with them because Adonis is counting money afterward. The couple then has sex on a picnic beside the bonfire.

1:27:31 - The leader of the thugs Adonis is in trouble with rapes Alona in front of him.

1:36:55, 1:37:58 - Adora cheats on David again, now as his wife. She fucks the second fisherman from earlier. We see the initial part of their lovemaking but David burns the hut they're in so we don't see it finish again.

Non-nude/strategic nudity only.

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